It’s ‘Pooh’ time!

The Invictus Soul

Who hasn’t heard of the adorable bear Winnie the Pooh? His wisdom can guide a kid from childhood straight into adulthood and beyond! So I share with you some important life lessons courtesy of Winnie and the rest of the gang from Aker woods 🙂

Don’t Get Bogged Down in Details

“You can’t help respecting anybody who can spell TUESDAY, even if he doesn’t spell it right; but spelling isn’t everything. There are days when spelling Tuesday simply doesn’t count.”

Let’s not make the classic mistake of spending too much time nitpicking or making mountains of molehills. It’s better to relax instead and focus on the positive things we have and want in our lives. It’s time to keep our attention on that and work towards it. The days may seem long but the years are often pretty short. So let’s live them instead of constantly inspecting, criticizing or over…

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The Fickle Heartbeat

Heartbeat: My Life, My Struggle, and the Love I HAD

Shared by BeginningWithOneDay.

I lay in silence, in darkness, in noise, in brightness. At night or during the day. Wherever I lay, sit, walk, he’s there. His voice. His touch. His actions. They don’t go away. He doesn’t go away.

I haven’t seen him in person for 3 and a half years. I don’t need to see him. He is there, in my head. He is my devil. My torment. My hatred. My anger. My life.

A common phrase from friends/family when a couple decides to go their separate ways is ‘you are so much better off without him/her’. For me? This couldn’t be further from the truth.

The pain of being out of the abuse and dealing with day to day living alone feels far worse than being in it day in day out. Whilst in it, I knew someone was there. He was doing those bad…

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We Dream Again

A Holistic Journey

What is it about the year-end? Makes us face our fears and disappointments, and count our hopes again like pieces of treasure in our palm? The seasons herald change as they fall into one another but the calendar shows us we don’t cycle in place. We wheel forward. Birthdays, anniversaries, “three years since” are private touchstones across memory and longing but the new year is a giant communal marker of time that leaves no one unaffected. The Eve is a live wire between the past and future and with the turn of the year, we cross a mental threshold.

For some of us it’s simple math, only so many grains of sand left in the hourglass. We seek to balance the equation, weigh our dreams against the run of time. But it’s more than a race with the clock. No matter our age or station or story, the height of…

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