Joke. Time is Relative


imageJohn was walking down the road when he passed a farm where Joe was holding a hog up to eat acorns out of an oak tree.  “Hey, Joe!  What in the world are you doing?”

“I’m a feedin’ this here hog!  What does it look like?”

“Don’t that take a lotta time?”

“”Aw heck!  What’s time to a hog?”

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“If You Think Adventure is Dangerous, Try Routine…It’s Lethal!”

Paulo Coelho also said “We humans have two great problems: the first is knowing when to begin, and the second is knowing when to stop.”

Yesterday Skye and I set for a leisurely 4 mile run…no big deal, down to the main road and back and then on with the day.  Skye had no problems understanding when to begin, but couldn’t quite figure out exactly when to stop….because his feet were so cold, he couldn’t feel the frostbite and blistering settling in!!  Oh I forgot to mention he was running barefoot as he usually does…

The guy is smart, he knows how to listen to his body, knows how to avoid danger more often than not, even when in very sketchy situations….but hey when your an adventurous kinda individual, ya gotta take what comes!   So, another lesson learned, another lesson to share, and another healing creation I get to concoct!!  I made up a…

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