Joke of the day



An eighty-nine year old couple was greeted by St. Peter at the Pearly Gates.  They had only lived so long because of the wife’s insistence on exercise and healthy diet.  The instant they entered Heaven, the years fell away returning them to their full youth and vitality.  The first thing St. Peter showed them was an endless row of mansions.  “Choose any estate you like.  Size or furnishings are no object.  We just want you to be happy.”

“How much will this cost?” asked the man

“No cost.  You’re in Heaven now!”

They walked out back to an unbelievable golf corse,  “Play all you like.  No green’s fees,  no tee times, and the course changes every time you play.  You’ll never be bored. No charge.  This is heaven.”

Next St, Peter showed them into a sumptuous dining room.  “You’ll never have to think about what you eat again.  Just think…

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