Happiness, Purpose

The Power Of Purpose …✨

He who has a Why to live can bear any How… – Friedrich Nietzsche –

An excerpt from a fable I once read…

A king once gave his wise men a challenge.

“Create a ring that will make me happy when I am sad.”

The wise men succeeded.
It was a plain ring with an inscription etched into the metal… It read,
“This too shall pass.”

During times of hardship,
the king would notice the inscription.
It would remind him that hardships always pass, even when things seem hopeless.
He would stop worrying and appreciate life rather than spending all his energy trying to fix problems.

But of course, the ring had an opposing effect as well…

Whenever he felt jubilant,
the ring reminded him that joyful circumstances change as well.

“Nothing lasts forever…”


One may ask then…
“Wouldn’t persevering & hard work be pointless if nothing lasts forever?”

While there’s truth to the etching on the king’s ring, perhaps there is more to be said…

“While circumstances always pass,
the strength of our will & purpose can endure.
When we choose a purpose for our lives, our steadfast pursuit of that purpose can remain a source of joy in both good times and bad.”

Striving to make life about something worthwhile has done me much good.

Choosing to do so has given me an anchor of strength and joy.

Well, we could even pledge allegiance to a cause that will persist beyond our lives.
Achieving some end is not the goal!

Living life in full pursuit of what I believe in has been my goal.


For instance, when I have a disagreement with someone who matters in my life, I feel disconnected, hurt, frustrated…
And oftentimes such feelings are disconcerting.

Withal, instead of getting unduly depressed because of the “disconnection” I feel, I keep in mind the words etched on the king’s ring… “This too shall pass.”

“When we choose to love,
it is an act of our will.
Love is an active choice, not just a feeling…

It is something inside of us.
Love is a part of who we are.”

Relationships with family & friends will inevitably have their ups and downs.

During unpleasant times like these,
I would work on my relationship with them instead of letting circumstances of the moment define my happiness.

Focusing on purpose instead of brooding or crying over spilt milk has made me a stronger person…

Being human, naturally I feel hurt of course…
But the power of purpose has made it easier to let go of pain & frustrations…

Forgive… forget… And smile again! 😊

Hugz …❤️E.Lyn